Rates and Fees

The following is a list of water service charges.

Monthly bills are based on usage for Retail Customers; each user shall pay a minimum monthly charge in accordance with the following applicable size of meter installed, for which the user will be entitled to the quantity of water set out in the schedule below.  Water service charges listed include 7% tax and Water Tracking Rate = $0.22 per 1,000 gallons.  Additional charges will be billed for any usage over minimum allowance. Current Rates & Fees Schedule

(0-2,000 gallons) 5/8” Residential Meter = $ 27.69

(0-3,000 gallons) 3/4" Meter = $ 41.54

(0-5,000 gallons) 1” Meter = $ 68.79

(0-10,000 gallons) 1 1/2” Meter = $ 131.26

(0-15,000 gallons) 2” Meter = $ 180.45

(0-30,000 gallons) 3" Meter = $ 279.89

(0-70,000 gallons) 4" Meter = $ 513.34

(0-120,000 gallons) 6" Meter = $ 765.50

Statistics say the average water use per person, per month, for personal hygiene alone is 2,000 gallons. This excludes dish washing, laundry, vehicles, watering lawns, etc…

Membership Fee (non-refundable) = $100.00

Meter Tap Connection Charge 5/8” Meter = $800.00 (Residential)

Meter Tap Charge for Meters larger than 5/8” inch shall be at actual cost of labor, materials, power machinery, transportation, and overhead incurred for installation.

Reconnect/Disconnect Charge (non-payment) (during business hours) = $40.00

Reconnect/Disconnect Charge (non-payment) (after business hours) = $60.00

General Service Charge aka Trip Charge = $20.00 When any non-routine service call is made by the Utility at the request of the customer, this charge shall be paid.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Check Charge = $25.00

Renter/Contract Buyer Deposit (refundable-applied to final bill) = $75.00

Online Credit and Debit Card Payment Election = Transaction Fee $0.34, plus 2.20% times monthly water bill.

Water Tracking Adjustment - The water tracking factor set forth in this schedule is applicable where clearly denoted on other rate schedules and shall be occasioned solely by changes in the cost of purchased water, in accordance with 170 IAC 6-5-1.

Water Tracking Rate = $0.22 per 1,000 gallons (1)

Applicable Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) fee

Important Notice:
It is very important whom ever you choose to install your service water line, Brown County Water Utility recommends the line is set at a four foot depth to avoid freezing. Brown County Water Utility does not inspect or take responsibility for your service line from your meter tap to your home or business.

Brown County Water Utility’s growth and development is controlled by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). This includes water main installation and issuing of water meters. Some water mains have reached their capacity to meet volume and pressure; any new applicants may be required to participate in funding a new water main line to receive service.